4 out of 5 Internet experts say phones to be primary Internet device by 2020


An industry report details a survey done of 578 Internet activists and found that 80% of them believe the mobile phone will be the primary Internet device by 2020.

“The mobile phone – now with significant computing power – [will be] the primary Internet connection and the only one for a majority of the people across the world,” the Pew Internet & American Life Project writes in a new “Future of the Internet” report. “Telephony [will be] offered under a set of universal standards and protocols accepted by most operators internationally, making for reasonably effortless movement from one part of the world to another.”

We’ve seen this coming but any way you look at it is is amazing how fast the phone has been adopted for heavy Internet usage.  No doubt this movement was aided by the introduction of the iPhone and the “real Internet” capabiities but many other phones are being used for web access too.

What does the 1 out of 5 experts think?  Use Crest for maximum whiteness.

(via Network World)

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