Finally it’s time to kick off our HP Magic Giveaway where one lucky winner will snag a huge prize bundle full of magic.  It’s a great time of year to be giving such a great bunch of stuff away and we’re making it really easy to […]

Hpn80175_blog_300x250_v4_2Finally it’s time to kick off our HP Magic Giveaway where one lucky winner will snag a huge prize bundle full of magic.  It’s a great time of year to be giving such a great bunch of stuff away and we’re making it really easy to enter our contest.  A big shout out to HP and Microsoft for putting this contest together and supplying all the great prizes!

Here’s what’s being given away, all to one super duper lucky duck:

  • HP TouchSmart IQ816 PC
  • HP HDX 18 series Premium Notebook PC
  • HP Pavilion dv4 series Entertainment Notebook PC (with Windows Live)
  • HP Mini 1000 (with XP)
  • HP MediaSmart Connect
  • HP Photosmart C6380 Wireless AIO (printer)
  • HP 564 Photo Value Pak
  • Microsoft Office Home and Student Edition 2007 (Student-Teacher Edition) – 1 DVD with 3 licenses
  • Microsoft Windows Live
  • Corel VideoStudio X
  • Kung Fu Panda (2 widescreen DVDs; 1 widescreen Blu-Ray)


That’s FOUR new computer systems accompanied by all that other good stuff.  The TouchSmart is a 25-inch all-in-one PC that is totally awesome, the HDX18 is an 18-inch laptop, the dv4 is yet another cool laptop and the Mini 1000 is the newest netbook from HP.  You could win all of this stuff in time for the holidays if you follow the simple rules and enter our contest.

All you have to do to enter the contest is to post a comment on this thread that shares your best mobile tech tip that has provided you the most “magic”.  That’s it, certainly not too much work to win all this cool stuff.  Your tip can be anything that makes your mobile tech work well for you and that you think worth sharing.  Explain your tip with enough detail that anyone can figure out how to start using your idea with no help.  Since this is a giving time of year and HP is sharing all this cool gear with the winner we think it would be super if the winner would share some of that stuff with those who need it.  There are four computers after all, and while it’s not a requirement it would be special to see it shared with others.  If you will share some of this prize package then tell us who you will share it with and why.  That’s all you need to do to have a shot at over $6,000 of great gear.

Here are the official rules for the jkOnTheRun HP Magic Giveaway contest:

  1. Entries must be left in a comment on this post, nowhere else.
  2. Only one entry per person.
  3. Contest is open to all entrants world-wide.
  4. Entry to consist of your best tech tip to share explained in detail.  Plans to share part of the prizes should also be left in the same comment.
  5. Contest will accept entries from December 16 – December 22.
  6. Kevin and I will choose the ten best entries and choose the winner randomly from them to be announced December 23.
  7. Winner will have 24 hours to provide us with shipping information via email upon our announcement, otherwise an alternate winner will be chosen.
  8. Our decisions are final.
  9. Our friends and families are not eligible nor are any employees of the GigaOM network.

That’s it, now isn’t that simple?  Get thinking about your best mobile tech tip and leave the advice in your comment.  Only seven days until someone is going to have the best holiday season ever!  Good luck!

  1. The best tech tip I have for mobile users is to get Google Mobile for their mobile phone/device. I’ve been using Google products like Google Docs, Gmail, and Reader and Google has done a great job getting these products to work with mobile phones. You can get Google mobile at google.com/mobile/. Also check the Google mobile blog to stay up to date with the latest updates googlemobile.blogspot.com. I’m sure a lot of people rely on Google because it’s very convenient and reliable so I hope you find this tip helpful.

    If I win, I will donate the netbook to the Oakland Children’s hospital and my current PC will go to charity. I already have a working printer so I’ll donate the new printer to charity as well. The Kung Fu Panda DVD will be donated to my local library. The Microsoft Office 2007 software will go to a college student that needs it since I already have Microsoft Office 2007 software. I will help geeks by writing a video review of each notebook and posting (the Corel software I win will be used for editting the videos). The Touchsmart PC will be used as a family computer, the HP HDX will go to me for my college assignments, and the other HP laptop will go to my sister for her college work.

  2. Make sure you turn off all unneeded services while on battery – WiFi, Bluetooth, Infrared, 3G etc – it can eat 25% of your battery in just over 90 or so minutes, not leaving you much else, and take a spare battery with you, making sure it’s charged if you haven’t already charged it. If you’re also able to FTP or Secure Shell into your device, make sure you disable that as well. It’s an obvious piece of advice, but you’d be surprised how many don’t do it.

  3. Hi Kevin and James, I would sure like to win that HP Gear. So here is my tech tip: When upgrading or taking apart a computer with a CRT, like the first Gen iMac, be careful not to touch the anode, if you do 25 KV of electricity will pump through your body, and could be fatal. The CRT remains charged with electricity even when off and not plugged in! To discharge the CRT you have to put a metal object (Like a screwdriver) with Rubber handle, have shoes and clothes that are not conductive and touch the anode with the Metal screw driver. The CRT is now discharged and safe to touch.
    If I were to win this contest, I would Keep the Mini Note, give the HDX18 to my father, Give the DV4 to my sister, And my mom would sure LOVE that Touchsmart PC. In All I would give this to everybody as a christmas surprise. I currently do not have a laptop, and am using a desktop, from my apartment in NYC.
    Thanks a Whole Bunch!
    Mathias Rios

  4. I’m not a super duper lucky duck but I would love to win this package. The best tip I have to share is to keep your stuff portable and by that I mean to keep your stuff on USB flash drives. I use an 8GB card and keep all of my work on it. I keep a backup copy in case the card fails. I no longer fear a computer crash, my stuff is safe, and I can borrow a computer to get my work done.

  5. Notes, notes everywhere

    We already know that OneNote is by far the best note taking software out there :-) and whilst it does have the ability to keep it’s files on a file share, that still requires you to have a 24×7 connection.

    Windows Live Sync (previously Foldershare) to the rescue here as it is possble to sync the folder that you keep OneNote files in over many many machines.

    As a result, my Notebook exists on my home desktop machine, home laptop machine, home server (as a backup) and my work laptop. Regardless of where I choose to work, my notebook is there (as if by magic) and whenever it has a network connection, it syncs in the background.

    Now you could use Mesh but that is beta software (although it does work) but Live sync is available today and just as importantly is free. Unlike Mesh it is also quite happy running on a low powered Netbook.

    And of course, the above is valid for just about any type of folder but doingthis with OneNote really make note taking effortless.

  6. I work as a IT consultant and I have many clients that I work with at the same time. I have a few work machines for test labs but I use my T61p as my primary laptop.

    I vpn in to my clients networks to do my job and most clients do not have the same type of vpn access method. Some are using Cisco, Nortal, Microsoft. Installing multiple client on a single pc, just does not work. So, I use Vmware Workstation.

    Each client has there own visualized Windows XP. That way I can run each vpn client isolated. The other bonus is that client that I work with, the pc that is on there network, is clean and new. On top of that, I do not expose my primary workstation to my clients network. I do all my work for that client in that Vm. Think of it as a window inside a window. I can still copy files and do copy and paste, since Vmware supports this.

    Since all my clients are now Vm’s, when I move to new hardware, which is about once a year, I just copy my Vm’s from my backup and I am done.

    Btw..for backups I use Windows Home Server.


  7. Tech Tip – If you act as your family’s tech support, sign up for an account with logmein.com or a similar service. [I have no affiliation with logmein.com, it is just what works well for me.] Install the logmein client on each of the family member’s PCs, so when they contact you for tech support you can remotely access their computer and easily resolve their issue.

    I plan to keep the touchsmart and maybe the mediasmart. One laptop, likely the pavilion, will go to my cousin whose kids are about to start school [1 elementary, 1 preschool] and they do not have a computer. I’d give them a smattering of software and the all-in-one printer as well. Pretty much the rest of the equipment will go to the local Boy Scout camp that I volunteer at. They are running their camp software on an IBM T20 thinkpad and it is a little slow.


  8. the best mobile tech tip is to be sure to kept always access to the “mobile edition” of jkOnTheRun, either with your sexy (really?yack) iphone or in any junk that has internet, you can´t miss it, you can´t simply miss it.
    As an unlucky man i don´t know even why i bother, but here its goes , i would keep one computer, been wishing one for 3 years, always delaying dreams and projects, would give one to my brother that really needs something not pre-historical to use autocad in school, really don´t want him to give up his dream because of a computer. I would share the rest with people i see are in the same situation, want to work an can´t, it would have to make a difference, thats all , merry chrystmas.

  9. The thing that really is magic to me, and is simply amazing to anybody who sees it, is when I turn my WinMo phone into a wireless router with WMRouter. It’s absolutely fantastic when you’re stuck somewhere, don’t have any cables, but need to do something substantial with the internet that’s just not convenient on your phone itself.

  10. Julian Quintana Tuesday, December 16, 2008

    Immobilize any would be criminal, with most of us carrying all our information on our cellphone and laptops. We use password, tho remember any password can be circumvented. The thing to do is wipe your missing phone data! If you configure this before hand, this trick will delete all your information after a certain amount of designated failed password attempts. These options which is available in password section of the iPhone and check this for windows mobile users http://tiny.cc/k3p9P can save you from identity theft and the stress of knowing someone has your personal information!

    I have the perfect people for these computers in mind. First i’d donate the most powerful laptop which i believe is the HP HDX to the Omega Envoy team, the only student run google lunar x-prize which just happens to be at my school; they been in desperate need of a computer to get off the ground and start trajectory calculations. Then HP Touchsmart i’d have to pay it forward to my beloved father who has kept up with his aging computer just to pay for school and let me have the future he wants me to have. The HP Pavillion would have to go to a school or child I feel is in need this Christmas, as I’m a brother for big brother big sisters I can safely say I have a few kids in mind. Now as for the HP Mini 1000, I’m just going to have to be a little selfish cause I’m thinking its about time to retire my old 12′ powerbook which is being held together by scotch tape

    Happy Holidays Guys!


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