Consumer Reports top 5 smartphones will surprise you

samsung_blackjack2_lp1Consumer Reports is a great publication, online or print, that does a very thorough job testing, rating and reporting on various consumer products.  They usually are good at defining what is important to the consumer and designing criteria for rating products in a given category.  It was with great surprise when Matt Miller pointed out that Consumer Reports has released their list of the top 5 smartphones.  The surprise is two-fold- some of the phones that made this short list and especially those that didn’t make the top 5.

Here’s the top 5 smartphones according to Consumer Reports:

  • Samsung Blackjack II
  • T-Mobile Wing
  • Motorola Q9C
  • T-Mobile Shadow
  • Blackberry Pearl Flip

These phones are all fine smartphones but it is surprising that only one Blackberry made the cut, and where the heck is the iPhone 3G?  The iPhone 3G was further down the list and actually tied with the T-Mobile G1.  Interesting list to say the least.

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