As Expected Yahoo Mail Platform Launches

As expected, Yahoo launched its Inbox 2.0 beta today at a press event in San Francisco. Since I am not part of the beta program, I haven’t actually seen the service just yet — though I got some cute screenshots. The company trotted out three applications including a Flixster and a Xoopit application to show off this new social mailbox, as we reported last week. Yahoo also launched three apps of its own — Flickr, Yahoo Greetings and Family Journal.

On their developer blog, Mark Risher, Director, Product Management at Yahoo! Mail wrote: “Because of the sensitivity of the information in people’s inboxes, we’re adding developers gradually while we refine the application security and privacy protections our Yahoo! Mail users demand.” I am optimistic about this Yahoo effort. As I wrote in my previous post, “Yahoo has an unique opportunity with this platform. In particular, it plays to Yahoo’s strength in making complex technologies simple for a mass market audience, a trick Google is still struggling to master.” Yahoo is also making some changes to some of its other services such as Yahoo TV and Yahoo Music as well.

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