InnerRewards, a wellness and spa-focused online marketing company, has picked up $1 million in funding from a group of angel investors. The…

InnerRewards, a wellness and spa-focused online marketing company, has picked up $1 million in funding from a group of angel investors. The SF-based company is rolling out a public beta of InnerRewards.com, a site for spa-goers where they can find a mix of editorial and community features, as well as e-commerce. Visitors will be able to order gift certificates and book wellness excursions through participating service providers. The company’s most recognizable competitor is Spa Week Media Group, purveyor of the Spa Week site and associated promotions.

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  1. it's a little hard to believe that a site like that can get $1 million of funding. they better have some great marketing plans around how to build their community, because rate & review sites are dime-a-dozen and just about anyone knows how to make one.

  2. hmm, the site is not just a community site, there are deals on there where you can buy packages to spas.

  3. well, if you peruse the site more intently, there is actual content. pithy content that they wellness community up and until this point has been to disorganized to aggregate. i think if inner rewards continues to aggregate and display content in addition to their deals, this site will work.

  4. Well, i am just starting to get into the whole wellness thing, and I must say that IInnerrewards is a prety cool site! I really like it! The spa deals are great….and I made a profile so that I can get as much information as possible from the guru's on the site! Instead having negativre comments, i wish them well!!!

  5. ok, i am guessing that Julie, ab, and e-dawg all work for InnerRewards or is the same person?

  6. I wonder if blah and nj are just a bunch of haters, but their names pretty much say it all. I clicked on this site because of the mixed reviews. It's a sweet little site that seems like it's on its first legs and looks great. NJ since anyone can do it, how would you better the site? not trying to be rude or ridiculous here, but I just don't know where the hate is coming from for a site that looks pretty good to me.

  7. http://www.dogticks.org Friday, December 12, 2008

    It is really a shocker to read it up that they got about 1Million dollars though the site is not much popular! My google toolbar says PR 1 :P

  8. Almost 14 years ago I heard the same comment abaout a "site like this" that plans to open a junkyard on the Internet. Several VCs passed on the deal using comments like that. The company is eBay.

    IMHO, it is very hard to find community oriented sites that have good quality content and good quality businesses. Good site!

  9. Please… $1 million for dime-a-dozen content site with 3.5K daily pageviews. What a load of crap.

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