Word appeared late last week that Verizon was offering an OS upgrade to the Blackberry Storm.  The upgrade was to make the screen rotation faster as well as address some stability issues that some reported.  The upgrade did in fact appear last Friday but required upgrading […]

Cimg1030Word appeared late last week that Verizon was offering an OS upgrade to the Blackberry Storm.  The upgrade was to make the screen rotation faster as well as address some stability issues that some reported.  The upgrade did in fact appear last Friday but required upgrading via the RIM Desktop Manager which I have not installed.  The Desktop Manager program is a Windows-only program that requires connecting the Blackberry to the PC for all syncing and upgrading. 

Since the Storm I am using is an evaluation unit from Verizon and not my personal phone I had no desire to install the Desktop Manager and establish a sync connection.  That was not a problem as the Verizon support notice indicated that an over-the-air (OTA) upgrade would be released later eliminating the need for the desktop connection.

I kept checking all weekend but the Storm did not indicate that an OTA upgrade was available.  A couple of hours ago I checked again and there it was so I jumped right in and upgraded the phone.  It’s important to realize that I have not experienced any stability issues with this phone as some have experienced but I did find the screen would sometimes lag slightly when rotating.

I started the upgrade download and the phone told me it was 14 MB in size and that I did not have enough free RAM to install it.  This evaluation phone came to me with a ton of extra software installed so I went through it and deleted a few of the programs and freed up enough memory.  I restarted the upgrade and it went smoothly from that point on.  It took about 30 minutes and then it was all updated.  During the process the upgrade backed up all my personal data to the media card and then restored it after the upgrade completed.  This was all automatic and the Windows Mobile folks should take notice that this is the way it should be.

My quick impression is that the phone is very snappy and any lags are now gone.  Everything happens immediately and the phone is much faster than it was before the upgrade.  I am so impressed with how well it’s running that I’m even thinking of buying one of my own due to the great deal that Verizon is offering me as a long-time customer:


Since they don’t have any in stock I decided I’ll wait a while and see if I still want to do it later.

  1. I must admit that I was shocked when I read Pogue’s review. I have a reviewing unit which came with firmware .65 and man, what a device. It is fast, much faster than the Curve and IMO it’s much better than the iPhone, even though I agree that the lack of specific software is a shame.

    Now Vodafone in Spain has just released version .78 and the device is even much faster and accurate. The only lag I really find is the camera: it takes an eternity since you push to take the picture and the picture is finally taken.

  2. Amazing that an iPhone user would comment here, touting how the iPhone is the be all end all of touch screens! The iPhone was late to the game too! I can think of several tens of thousands of reasons the iPhone sucks; WINDOWS MOBILE APPS! Windows Mobile was around for over 5 YEARS before the iPhone and has over 5 TIMES the number of apps of the iPhone! The iPhone is a DIRECT rip off of the Windows Mobile phones yet somehow this detail gets left out of the “iPhone conversation”. Face it; something better ALWAYS comes along, and this time it is the Blackberry RIM!

  3. @ Lee:

    First of all I have a BB also and a Windows Mobile phone. Windows Mobile has a bit over 18,000 apps (all models combined), NOT FIVE times as many apps as the iPhone. In no time the iPhone will have much more apps than Windows Mobile as it has already topped 11,277 today that all run on one model iPhone platform. Since all the BB models combined have ONLY about 700 apps in all these years, it is significant to buyers. What good is a device without apps?

    Funny you mention Windows Mobile on a BB post. Maybe you missed it when both the iPhone and RIM both outsold Windows Mobile. As far as the iPhone being a “rip-off” of Windows Mobile, what the hell are you smoking? HAHA

    The iPhone is everything Windows Mobile isn’t. The iPhone has very little in common with Windows Mobile except they are both mobile devices. I guess YOU think the iPhone is a rip-off of Alexander Graham Bell’s first phone also? HAHA

    If you think that the Blackberry is a better device, I will let the marketplace decide. As they have so far selling over 16 million iPhones this year alone and outselling all of RIM! Doing this in only 15 months in the game.

    With the Storm having NO WiFi, LOCKED GPS, and little in the way of apps or a decent SDK for developers, all you have is a cell phone with email!

  4. IS it possible to upgrade the Bold device software over OTA?

  5. i don’t a storm, but i believe that you need to manually check for a upgrade.

  6. Sam, chill out Man! so the iPhone has more apps. How many of those are duplicates of the same type of app, i.e. tip calculators? :-)

  7. my storm shuts off at least twice a day on its own and then i have to wait to reboot it. then i miss calls. does anyone else have this happen?

  8. @ Paul:

    At 11,286 iPhone apps it is nonsense to try and paint most of them as duplicates or useless that is the FANBOY answer to everything their favorite toy does not have. I assure you at 11,286 apps there are many many many more USEFUL apps than there are for the BB!!

    I point to many here:
    Multi-player games, FTP/WebDAV apps, hundreds of navigation apps, social apps like FaceBook, Pandora, Last.fm, BeeJive IM, VNC apps, text editing apps, voice dialers, Joost, voice controlled directions, wikipedia apps, network tools, VoIP apps like Skype via Fring & TruPhone, 1password, Wallet apps, AOL IM, AOL Radio, Internet radio apps, real time flight tracker, language translator apps, are NOT the type of iPhone apps I am talking about. BB users have no choices like this.

  9. A comparison of iPhone to BB Storm isn’t exactly apples to apples, but so what? This is one of the few sites where every comment or post doesn’t degenerate into a “mine is better than yours” thing. As James and Kevin have said before, and I’ll paraphrase: there is no one single device for everyone.

  10. Sam, while the iPhone does have many desirable features you can’t deny the fact that some people would be better served by a BB device. If you want to edit Word documents, Spread sheets, have multiple email accounts aggregated into one folder, want to cut and paste a link from web to insert into an email, etc. you would be better served by the BB.

    If you want to watch videos, surf the web, play games, etc. you would be better served by the iPhone.

    If you want to just make calls you might be better served by a RAZR.

    There will never be one phone that serves everyone. iPhone, BB, WM are great in their own ways. I’ve used them all. Every company were once the king of the hill. Palm was there then WM and BB took over and now Apple is having their time in the sun. Trust me, it’s temporary. I use a 3G iPhone at this time but when the next king comes (or sooner since I’m starting to get tired of Safari resets and the closed universe. I want to be able to download podcasts over 3G), I’ll jump to that without hesitation. None of these companies deserve such loyal undying devotion.


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