Netbooks are just small laptops.  Nothing more and nothing less.  They run either Linux or Windows and can do virtually anything that their larger siblings can do.  Maybe they do it a bit slower but as a rule they can do it given enough time. Many […]

Netbooks are just small laptops.  Nothing more and nothing less.  They run either Linux or Windows and can do virtually anything that their larger siblings can do.  Maybe they do it a bit slower but as a rule they can do it given enough time.

Many folks surf the web, watch videos and do email on their netbooks.  That’s not a surprise because those are the common tasks we tend to do on every computer we’re using.  The more adventurous netbook users may do spreadsheet work or word processing and that’s no surprise.  These are laptops after all.

My question to you (since it’s a slow news day) is simple: what’s the most "out of the ordinary" thing you’ve done on your netbook?  Kevin might say it’s installing OS X on his so that won’t count here.  I’m reaching out to find out what you use your little laptop for that might not have occurred to the rest of us.  Maybe we’ll all learn something from this.  Leave a comment and let us know.

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  1. Glad you asked. Penetration testing is very easy with a netbook and the right wireless card (and Ubuntu). Much easier to do this since you are more mobile. Also makes it easier to test signal strength. Netbooks are also great for having as a supplement to a desktop machine instead of buying a powerful desktop computer and dropping $1000 more on a laptop, keep the powerful desktop, buy a $350 netbook and be done with it! Great for the living/family room for web surfing. Have you seen the Gizmodo article (maybe here too) on the guy that made a remote webcam robot with an aspire one, while giving commands over wireless? Functions as a (more)portable dvd player with a decent external slim player – preferably usb powered.

    IMO netbooks are well worth the price of admission and I could go on and on how in some aspects they are superior to notebooks, for a fraction of the price.

  2. Not very “out of the ordinary”, but I use my Eee 901 (2Gb Ram and 4+64Gb SSD) for :

    - play old video games (using dosbox)

    - backup my photographs when on the field, edit them and show/send them to my customers (I’m a pro photographer)

  3. Dont know if its an “odd thing” to do, but i have Visual Studio 2008 installed on mine and write code on it most days. if i am stuck in a meeting, i can easily pull out my MSI Wind, fire up VS and start coding. Talks nicely with Team Foundation Server too! :) Might try install LightRoom on it and see how it preforms for RAW photo work…

  4. @ Tiernan OToole : Lightroom performs correctly on my Eee 901 (2Gb Ram). :)

  5. I use an Asus EEE PC (winXP) as my main travel PC and do everything I used to do on my Thinkpad X41 while on the road (except ink). My X41 sits on my desk patiently waiting my return. Recently, (after reading one of Kevin’s posts) I turned my EEE PC into a kindle (sort of). Using my Verizon broadband access modem and EEERotate I download and read ebooks using Mobipocket. Seems more convenient than reading on the X41 tablet just due to form factor (size and weight).

  6. I used my 701 Eee PC, with an external USB to SCSI adapter, to test tape drives in the field. It was really nice being able to just throw that tiny machine into my regular bag, instead of having to lug around an extra laptop bag in addition to all of my other equipment.

    Netbooks are great tools for people who have to perform on site service. It really lightens the load.

  7. I store photos and videos (minor editing). there great for presentations at work. itunes downloading for music, tv shows and movies works fine for me. email and web surfing is a breeze. I have mine hooked p to a external moniter and use it as desk top. Since my big hp failed on its my main computer right now. So far im very impressed and satisfied. it may be my main computer for a good while because what use for its perfectly fine.

  8. I have.. uhm. The most stress I’ve put my 1000H to must be playing Diablo I and II, and they are from 1994 and 2000 respectively!
    And occasional compressing/decompressing ISOs and RAR files (50mb-8gb, takes time but that I got).

    Never had the need for anything other than that. I’ve realized that I will never buy a desktop pc again, and never ever a laptop bigger than 13.3″ (which would account for a desktop). I find the 1000H’s 10″ too BIG and the netbook is too bulky and heavy to carry around, and I’m looking forward to getting a Fujitsu U820. Mobility is underrated, power – however – is overrated for 80% of all users (although 5.6″ might be too small for most people, connect an external screen at home/the office and you’re set).

  9. In addition to the multimedia uses noted here, I too run Visual Studio on my netbook. VS is not a lightweight application and although I prefer the screen real estate of a full monitor and compile times of my full laptop, it is VERY usable. The capability really is limited most by your patience (and less so than I originally thought).

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