Palm is making the news and not in a way they care to.  Reports are in that revenues will be much lower than anticipated due to low Treo sales.  The sad part is nobody cares, except for those Palm employees who may lose their jobs and […]

Palm_logo_orangePalm is making the news and not in a way they care to.  Reports are in that revenues will be much lower than anticipated due to low Treo sales.  The sad part is nobody cares, except for those Palm employees who may lose their jobs and the few remaining investors who didn’t get out already.  I guess it’s a sign of the Palm times when the typical news about Palm is when they announce "another new color for the Centro!".  It’s like throwing a hot press conference and nobody comes.

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  1. GoodThings2Life Tuesday, December 2, 2008

    Sadly, the lack of comments on this article kinda confirms the lack of concern… I think they were great for their day, but they haven’t really had an innovative product in years, and the only good product they have now is the 800w Windows Mobile-based phone.

  2. This really is sad. One of the hardest things I’ve done is finally cut the cord from my Centro to a new Bold. I remember how excited I was with the original Palm Pilot, and the Centro is (sadly) pretty darn similar to that. As a techie, I could only stick with it so long before giving up. I am still angry with Palm for flushing things down the toilet. Presumably, there are smart people that work there, do they not realize that they are destroying the brand?

  3. At the risk of sounding mean (and you know me, James, I’m no meanie), Palm squandered their goodwill some time ago. If anything the tech media have done them a disservice by being so generally fawning over the Treo Pro when it launched; the public seem to have seen through the hype and recognised the Pro for what it is, just plain dreary.

    Honestly, look at HTC, or Sony Ericsson, or Samsung, or anyone else putting out WM6.1 handsets right now. Compared to them, the Pro could’ve been a no-name OEM device.

    Palm needed to offer a simple way for smartphone-scared users to get into mobile computing, it didn’t need to be a huge new OS, just something in the manner of TouchFLO 3D or TouchWiz, but focusing on leading new owners by the hand. They already had the brand-recognition as making complex tasks straightforward, but they junked that in favor of following Motorola into “it’s a new case color, ergo it’s a brand new phone!” mediocrity. Customers deserve better.

  4. Raphael Salgado Wednesday, December 3, 2008

    They screwed me the first and last time when I switched to Verizon for the Treo 700w. Had they made it plainly clear that the device only had 32MB of RAM (their marketing department was purposely vague in claiming 128MB memory, 60MB user-accessible), I would have never done it. Of course, they release the 750w a few months later, but that served no one well who were already stuck with a 2-year agreement.

  5. I am still on my Treo 700p. The only reason I am using it is 1) the resell value of the 700p has dropped to a dismal $30-50. 2) I am on an old plan with corperate discount that’s 40 something a month with internet, and either hack works on the Treo.

    It’s still very sad to see it unfold in my very eyes. I used to go to treocentral everyday. Now I barely go there ones a month. And the sad thing is 80% of threads are the same threads I saw in my prior login. Nobody even goes to treocentral anymore. I saw it happen to mytreo.net and now trocentral. Such a ghost twon I didn’t have to heart to make a post about it.

    I have been using PalmOS since m100. The only thing that help me to face the disgusting decline of the platform is that over the pass year I got my hands on a Symbrian, a WM and Apple phone. That’s IMO the only way to make the pain go away. Now I have tried them all and I have no emotional attachment to any platform.

  6. Well, I care.

    The most distressing part about Palm is their utter lack of business sense. They were working on a Linux based os before it was cool. They had a netbook in the pipe when the only other competition was OLPC (I think theirs predated OLPC). They canceled both of these projects after significant investment. They have lost their license to the Java websphere microenvironment that is required to run Opera on the palm.

    I don’t see this kind of stupidity ending anytime soon.


  7. Oh, and one more thing. The article directly below this one tells of the Access emulator (sorry, VM) for the N800. So now we find ourselves in the perverse position of a Linux based device probably having better support for Palm apps than Palm based devices. Sheesh!


  8. Having used the stellar Treo Pro for a couple weeks, I care more now than I would have otherwise. Is the Treo Pro out a year later than it needed to be? At least. But it is the best all around WinMo device I’ve ever used and vanquished the Touch Diamond I just sold (iPhone I’m struggling to type on might be next as the TP keyboard is better than expected). Of course I’m not sure what else they could do with the Treo form factor now other than getting Nova or maybe Android running on it…… like yesterday.
    Regardless, James this post seemed uneccesarily mean spirited, a la DualCor (and at the time I agreed with every point you made and cheered the way you delivered them). You can point to wounds without showering salt on them you know?

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