Vid-Biz: TVTonic, Mobuzz, TiVo

TVTonic Shuts Down Service; popular Windows Media Center application that moved content from your PC to the TV being retired. (Zatz Not Funny!)

Mobuzz TV Closes; popular European online video show couldn’t afford to keep going, closes down. (Mobuzz)

The Economics of TiVo; how much is the time freed up by zapping commercials worth to you? (Freakonomics Blog)

Some Sony Flicks Return to Netflix-Xbox; licensing deals cause some titles to come and go on the Netflix streaming service. (CNET)

Big Love Webisodes Being Released This Weekend; three episodes of 3 Days Past Midnight to debut on Saturday in advance of the HBO series’ return in January. (Reel Pop Blog)

2 Billion Online Videos Watched in France in Sept.; 25 million people (77.8 percent of the population) watched 156 million hours of video content online. (comScore)

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