Hundreds of people waited in line last week to get their hands on the Blackberry Storm, the first touchscreen device from Research In Motion…

Hundreds of people waited in line last week to get their hands on the Blackberry Storm, the first touchscreen device from Research In Motion. Too bad the warning not to buy it didn

  1. Well you almost had me convinced that you were not as biased as Pogue. Then you had to open your mouth. Funny how I have never had half of the problems you report about. You spend most of your time tearing the Storm down and give it maybe three lines of praise in your whole biased article. As I have said before save us the time we spend reading the garbage that you people spew. Open your articles by stating, "THIS IS NOT AN IPHONE". You have the mindset that the damn iphone is perfect and nothing can compare. Due to this you can never look at a new product objectively. Sad really since that is what your job is.

  2. Staci D. Kramer Thursday, November 27, 2008

    I'm a little confused by your attack. We're very open when we think a product works — and when one doesn't deliver. I'm very glad to hear your experience has been positive. Tricia's wasn't — and believe, we would all prefer the opposite to be the case. As for comparing it to iPhone, as she points out, there are a lot of places where the Storm has a chance to outshine the Apple device.

  3. Well written for us phone-agnostics who can read this and don't have any mental or financial capital invested in any of the major phone players or telcos. High quality reviews can be boring, and boring reviews can be high quality.

    Some of us are able to take it all in from multiple sources, and then make an informed decision. And Verizon is better off if people who are picky about quality don't grab these based on nothing more than a couple of flashy tv commercials.

  4. Why would I want a phone from Verizon that can only be used in the US?

  5. The bias is pretty clear – if it doesn't work like an iphone then categorically its trash. Still you'd expect a level of professionalism. I've had the storm for two days and no problems at all. And from my experience with both that and an iphone, storm is not after iphone users. Its for millions of consumers that haven't bought a smartphone.

  6. This story is one of the reasons we decided to develop enterprise applications for the iPhone and not the Blackberry. http://blog.cosential.com/?p=156

  7. After spending several weeks as part of a development team working on a port for a very well known product for the Storm, we couldn't believe the issues we were having with it. Seems that we were vindicated in our thoughts about it, and it wasn't just a dodgy development version we had – just an utter balls up by RIM, and an opportunity missed. To be clear, I am not a 'fan' of the iPhone, so I am not biased in the slightest.

  8. Well Bronty, if you are an international traveler you wouldn't want a phone by Verizon that can only be used in the US but guess what, the Blackberry Storm is a world phone, it can be used on any band.

  9. I got the Strom last Saturday and havent seen any of the problems you are claiming .What I have seen at times it lags..Verizon and RIM knew this prior to its release and is working on updates that will fix the issues.When has anything worked perfectly right from the go .Calm down people things will be alright .If you love the iphone so much go get it and join a terrible AT&T network.

  10. Note to Verizon and RIMM: If you are going to tout a device as an "iPhone killer" then guess what? You are going to be compared against the iPhone. If you don't want that comparison made, then don't hang that moniker on your device.

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