Hidden 3G cards in HP Mini 1000? Not likely for the U.S. version

331033cllThanks to an enterprising Pocketables forum member, we see that at least one HP Mini 1000 netbook has 3G hardware secreted under the hood. That sounded a little odd to me here in the U.S. and I’d hate to see folks get disappointed by adding the HP firmware download and a SIM card only to have nothing exciting happen.

I’ve got a note in to HP to verify the news, but here’s my educated guess: if you bought an HP Mini 1000 in the U.S., it likely didn’t come with a 3G card. Why do I say that? Well, the poster who shared the information mentions the model number of 1033-CL. A quick Google of that turns up several entries to purchase or gain support for said netbook. Clearly the product exists, but every front page link in the returned Google search is for a non-U.S. website.

An HP support link is the first, for example. Click that link and you’ll see that you’re on the HP site for the United Kingdom. The second link is to purchase the HP Mini 1033-CL from Costco… in Canada. Several more links exist for additional European areas. Long story short: unless I hear back from HP that I’m dead wrong, don’t expect to pop a SIM card in a U.S.-based HP Mini 1000 and get 3G going. As for Minis in other countries: HP might have included this due to expected netbook subsidization plans with carriers. I’m surprised that they included the actual 3G hardware in non-subsidized netbooks, but maybe that was an oversight on just a few individual devices.

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