Weightbot: I Wish My Bathroom Scale Was This Cute

Who says watching your weight can’t be fun? Weightbot, one of the most popular paid applications currently in the App Store, says it can. I honestly believe that a lot of users were (like me) initially drawn to the app because of the icon’s beautiful design, and the attractive UI revealed by the screenshots in the app’s info page.

Weightbot is much more than just a pretty face, though. Not that it doesn’t have a gorgeous kisser. And fun sound effects. Loading screen, animation, screen transition, and all sounds are very polished and tailored to the overall robotic theme. Even the settings screen is designed to look like a robot’s maintenance panel, right down to an ID plaque that identifies your unit as one of the “original” production run units.

I can drool all I want about the app’s design, but what about functionality? Again, Weightbot doesn’t disappoint, depending on what you were expecting. It admittedly doesn’t do much, but what it does do, it does very well. On first launch, you configure the app by entering your height and weight goal and the date you want to reach it by. Once that’s set up, any time you launch Weightbot, you can click on the main read-out and enter your weight for the day.

The app will automatically calculate your body mass index (BMI) for each day, although it doesn’t provide you with a reference of what constitutes healthy range for your age, sex, and height. Turning the iPhone sideways while on the main screen will display a line-graph charting your progress towards your goal. Weightbot also allows you to use either Metric or Imperial units, lending it some international appeal.

Again, Weightbot doesn’t aim to do much. It allows you to set and track your progress towards a weight goal. It doesn’t help you decide what that goal should be, nor does it interpret any of the data you provide in terms of health ramifications. Despite not being terribly ambitious, it does what it does extremely well, and with unbeatable style.  The polish that went into this app is well worth $1.99 if you want a quick and painless way to track your weight.

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