Need an advanced Call History app for Windows Mobile?

HistoriaI do like the call history on my iPhone, mainly because it offers so much additional information than what I used to see on my Windows Mobile phones. Festinger Software responds to that with their Historia application that I caught over on Mobility Site. It more than doubles the call listing on a single screen over the native WinMo app, bringing you 15 lines of history. You can sort the numbers, get detailed info, plus copy and paste numbers from the log if you need to.

I’m not sure that $10 is worth the functionality for me personally; I’d like to see Historia drop down to half that or less since it’s a small, niche utility. You might find the need at that price though. You can download and try it up to five times for free, so if the call log on your handset is lacking or your carrier didn’t beef it up, it’s worth a look.

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