NewTeeVee Live: Hulu CEO Says Success is About Being Obsessive

kilarJason Kilar, the CEO of Hulu — everyone’s favorite way to watch studio shows online — discusses the three forces that are driving Hulu: the big wave of the online video trend, obsession (give ’em what they want and be neurotic) and the positive results of the service so far.

A big wave: 12.6 billion was the number of video streams in the U.S. in September according to ComScore. It’s a big deal. It was a fraction of that 6 months ago. Think of it like what Starbucks did for premium coffee, is like what we’re doing for the premium content business — if you can make it easier to consume, people will consume more. Media is an impulse business. A lot of this is from infrastructure that is far beyond Hulu.

Obsessing: Our mission is ambitious and never ending. Our goal is to deliver a service that users, advertisers, and content owners unabashedly love. Our strategy is to deliver “brain-spray” awesome quality. The implementation is similar to when I worked at Disney. Attention to detail is the cornerstone of how Hulu has designed its service — we obsess over each pixel on the screen. The team at Hulu are odd birds. We argue over fonts, design, and we obsess over everything.

Give users and advertisers choice. Listen to users — empower them. Relentlessly innovate. The product is a function of being neurotic, but its good for users. Listen and take action quickly.

Results of Hulu: In the 8 months since launch, we’ve had 12 million monthly users, and 145 million monthly video streams. PC World Magazine named Hulu No. 1 product of 2008, and TIME Magazine rated Hulu among the Top 5 inventions of 2008. Hulu has been embedded over 1.5 million times, and on over 60,000 sites. We’ve attracted 115 top content owners, including Warner Bros, Sony, MGM, Fox, NBC, Comedy Central, Paramount, and NHL.

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