Sideshow gadget turns WinMo smartphone into a full-featured Media Center remote

[]The iPhone can already control iTunes and an AppleTV through Apple’s free Remote application and now Windows Mobile devices can claim a similar accomplishment In fact, after watching Ian Dixon demonstrate this feat, I think I’m more impressed with the WinMo solution because it offers far more than just remote control features.

Ian shows off an early look at a Windows Sideshow Gadget for Windows Mobile that functions as a full-featured remote for a Windows Media Center system. Aside from the basic remote control functions for audio and video, Ian can set up DVR program recordings or view program guide information that offers information about what’s on television. It functions over Bluetooth and looks pretty slick… slick enough that I might dust off that ol’ HTC Dash and use it as a full-time remote once this gadget gets a little more stable.

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