Three Handy Accessories for Your iPhone

America has a new president, so it’s only fitting that you should have new accessories for you iPhone, right? Today we’ve got three non-partisan gadgets to add to or improve the functionality of your iPhone.

Marware Game Grip

Regardless of whether you think the iPhone is or isn’t a better gaming machine than the PSP or the DS, there are times when you wish the device had been designed with more traditional gaming aesthetics in mind. Marware’s Game Grip for iPhone 3G and iPod touch gives you a classic gaming feel that’ll be especially familiar to users of Microsoft’s SideWinder motion-sensing PC gaming controller.

Be warned: Like Nintendo’s Wii Racing Wheel, this is little more than an elaborate holder for your iPhone, like the Wii Wheel, some players may find it indispensable for certain games. The Game Grip also has a clever built-in cord management system for charging, and a mini-stereo jack extender so that you can still use your headphones while playing. The comfortable silicon grip will also ensure your iPhone doesn’t slip out of your greasy palms. The Game Grip is available now for $49.99.

FastMac iV

Battery woes continue to plague the iPhone 3G, despite minor improvements (depending on who you ask) that came with the 2.1 software update. A number of battery extenders are available, differing in price, capacity, and design. FastMac’s new iV separates itself from the rest of the pack by not only providing a big boost to your iPhone’s battery life, but by adding features, as well.

FastMac claims that iV provides 24 hours of talk time, 750 standby, and 70 of audio playback. The iV also boasts a built in USB port for charging other devices, like a GPS, or an iPod touch. And if you’re disappointed in the iPhone camera’s low light performance, the iV is packing a flash, as well. No more trying to figure out who that blob is in your photos from last night’s election party.

At $79.99, it’s a relatively affordable way to add some really useful new features (and a little bulk) to your phone.

Griffin Clarifi

Low-light shooting isn’t the only problem with the iPhone’s camera. The focusing range of the lens makes close-up shooting with any degree of fine detail basically impossible. You could crack open your iPhone and perform this invasive surgery, or you could pick up Griffin’s new Clarifi case. It features a built in macro lens for clear, focused close-up shooting.

Griffin claims a change in the focal range from 18 inches to just 4, which is good news for those hoping to use their cameras as barcode scanners. You don’t have to take the case off to get out of macro mode, either, as the lens can be slid to the right, returning the focal length of your camera to its normal distance. The Clarifi, which is compatible only with the iPhone 3G, is shipping now for $34.99.

There’s no shortage of iPhone and iPod accessories vying for your money. These three candidates, however, offer something unique, or at least out of the ordinary. If you have any similar finds you’d like to share, feel free to post them below.

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