At first I thought the ad in last week’s New Yorker was a mirage, a promise of a digital edition that would arrive when the magazine was pub…

imageAt first I thought the ad in last week’s New Yorker was a mirage, a promise of a digital edition that would arrive when the magazine was published — not a week later like the print edition. And when the post-registration response was a promise to let me know when the first edition was ready, let’s say I didn’t hold my breath. Turns out the wait was much shorter than expected: the first web-based digital edition arrived in my inbox late yesterday and I finally had the chance to open it today. Exactly as promised, it’s the complete print New Yorker in digital format. (Yes, I know some of you are anti-replica but some people want the magazine experience online.) Much of the magazine already appears online but timing varies to encourage newsstand and subscription sales; the cartoons are all online via CartoonBank.com. The New Yorker couldn’t provide anyone to talk about it today but here are some details:

– Despite the full-page ads offering a free four-week subscription or free access to current print subscribers, in-house, this is considered a beta and a soft launch. A one-year digital-only subscription runs $39.95, the same as the print promotion on Amazon (NSDQ: AMZN) now but more than some other print offers.

– It’s searchable and comes with full access to the complete New Yorker archives dating back to February 1925. Pages can be printed but the issue can’t be printed intact — or downloaded — as far as I can tell.

– Delivery is promised “first thing Monday morning” before it hits most newsstands and mailboxes.

– In addition to containing all the print ads, the digital edition itself currently is sponsored by Chevron as a “special promotion.”

– The sign-up process for current subs needs to be streamlined. Those without a customer service account have to sign up for that first and then go through a separate process for digital access.

  1. Does anyone know if subscribers can print out articles or pages from the digital edition?

  2. Staci D. Kramer Wednesday, November 5, 2008

    As I mentioned above pages can be printed out. So far, though, it looks like it has to be done page by page.

  3. A clarification: you can select multiple pages to be printed at a time, though it is a bit tricky – you have to _select_ them page by page, but the printing can be done in one go.

    By the way, that means you can download them, sort of. Just select a virtual printer (ie. pdf output) and you're good to go.

    Beware, though, that the resulting file will be quite large. Mine was somewhere around 200 MB, as it's all images.

  4. Staci D. Kramer Thursday, November 6, 2008

    Thanks, Olli. I'll add that to my digital tricks list — figured out how to transfer Kindle chapters to text and then print the other day.

  5. Wo, Do tell the Kindle trick?!

  6. Unfortunately, printing an entire issue or any significant portion of it is rather difficult. I tried to PDF last week's issue, and only half of the pages came out–and that was only after a long wait. I posted more about this at my site.

  7. B. C. Crawford Friday, November 14, 2008

    Now that I have subscribed, I can't find the place to sign in. It seems that I can receive only another opportunity to subscribe. I know my password, etc., but I'm confused by this process.

  8. Excellent news for anyone living abroad, where weekly magazines subscriptions are impractically expensive.

    I take it the online edition is Web-only? The promotion page says "the convenience of the New Yorker in your email in-box." Is that just bumf and not true?

  9. I receive the New Yorker and lost this current week's issue – how can I read it on lline? thank you Nancy Goldring

  10. Nancy Chirich Monday, January 5, 2009

    I'm interested mainly in your archives and how we access them–I hope subject, and not date, author, etc, that we'd have to know in advance!


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