Yes, it is true: Jessica Yellin, the CNN reporter who is in Chicago following the Obama camp, was beamed in “via hologram” technology live i…

Yes, it is true: Jessica Yellin, the CNN reporter who is in Chicago following the Obama camp, was beamed in “via hologram” technology live into the CNN studios, and here she is, below, talking to Wolf Blitzer. Their rationale: easier this way than the thousands of screaming fans in the background in a normal shot.

Beaming In Jessica Yellin via Hologram

Another pic here.

Update: The video is now on YouTube and embedded below:

  1. That is awesome. Even better than the giant touch screen map where they resize things constantly by hand because its better that way somehow.

    Its easy to make fun of them. But at the same time I actually kind of enjoy the big touch screen map. Maybe its the kid in me.

  2. S Will.I.am Kramer Wednesday, November 5, 2008

    Definitely the strangest moment of the evening.

    McCain could have used this technology to be at the first debate.

  3. How many other people were waiting for her to say "Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi; you're my only hope"?

  4. As an Emmy award winner who has worked for CNN I gotta say that was so cool. Who do I call to get some training with it and why didnt you guys remember sound and broadcast the event in 5.1 surround sound. I hope there will be a chance to see it at NAB this year. New toys YAY!

  5. CNN should be ashamed of themselves. This is nothing but an expensive way of doing a cheap parlor trick. The pretense that Wolf could actually se here is nothing short of an on the air lie.

  6. Please people, this was not a hologram!!!! If it was a hologram where Wolf actually saw a three demensional image in front of him, then I would be impress at the technology, but as it was, it was just a souped up version of the virtual 1st down marker.

    Had Wolf been doing an interview with someone that was saying things as misleading as what CNN did with this, he would be all over it! Any credibility that he had has gone out the window!

  7. LOl, this is so fake, CNN should get slammed for creating a hoax then touting it as real and "amazing". They actually did a story about it! Talking about the Hologram is poor journalism; not only are they loving the smell off their own shit but they are putting a positive spin on the video responses where as most of them are actually negative and say that it is fake. I will not watch CNN anymore for they are such douche bags.

  8. I think it’s kinda cool, because it sets the stage for the day when A cnn anchor could be hologrammed on your table..i would’nt mind seeing Anna Coren hologrammed here on my table giving me the latest updates..no need for the telly then, just a hologrammed anchor and integrate that with the online content and you have the future. amazing. don’t mind idiots who can’t look beyond their own noses..


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