Yahoo announced today that it is shutting down it’s Yahoo! Live, live-streaming service less than a year after its launch.

Yahoo announced today that it is shutting down its Yahoo Live live-streaming service less than a year after its launch. From the Y! Live blog:

So it is with great sadness that I share the news that Yahoo! Live, a Brickhouse project in social broadcasting will be going off the air on 3 December 2008.

Yahoo Live’s opening day was a tip-off of troubles to come as the service went down multiple times at launch and could barely stay up. As of right now it only has 1,280 people watching 47 channels (three of the seven “popular” channels have single-digit plays).

Is this a harbinger of things to come in the live-streaming space? Probably not. The whole project was an experiment for Yahoo, which, let’s face it has much bigger issues to deal with right now. While the sector as a whole certainly has struggled to find a viable business model, the startups populating it have managed to hang on (for now) and move beyond videos of people eating breakfast.

Justin.tv is trying out a home shopping-like service, UStream got $11.1 million in April and has been working big events like the national political conventions, Sitckam launched a pay-per-view service, and Mogulus got $10 million from Gannett as it preps a premium version of its service.

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