Revver Site Having Problems

We’ve been getting tips for the last few days that Revver is down and/or having trouble serving off-site videos. However, each time we check, the site seems to be up for us. TechCrunch did a story on the outage reports today and got an explanation from owner LiveUniverse that the site is undergoing a “major migration from a CDN/provider to a tier 1 & top technology provider.”

The lack of dependability magnifies the fact that Revver is no longer providing the service it did in its heyday, when many major video stars — such as Ze Frank, Ask a Ninja, Lonelygirl15, and Invisible Engine — depended on the site as their main host and as a source of income. Revver does seem to have a few people left working on the site since it was acquired by LiveUniverse for about $5 million in February — however it does seem to be fading away.

I received the image below via email from one of the Revver video publishers who sent us a complaint (like I said, for some reason I continue to be able to access the site):

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