Open Thread: Would You Miss Print?

The news from the world of print has not been good this week: Newsweek is in trouble. The New York Times is running out of money. The Christian Science Monitor is killing its daily print edition. Anyone watching print media over the past few years knows that declining circulation and the flight of ad dollars to the web have left many newspapers and magazines reeling, and killed many others.

As web workers, of course, we get plenty of our news from the web. And there are those electronic media out there as well. And yet…I can’t help thinking of all the ways that printed information from periodicals has been useful in my own career. I learned a lot of coding skills from reading well-written articles, and I promoted my own services by writing articles.

Am I just stuck in the past, like those people who thought television would never catch on? Or is there still a niche in your world for the printed periodical and the daily dead-trees newspaper? If the decline of the print media industry continues, is there anything you’ll miss?

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