Samsung’s recent entry into the US market coincided with their release of their first netbook, the NC10.  The NC10 is a 10-inch netbook with a big keyboard and looks to be a nice entry into the market for Samsung.  Laptop Magazine has published a review of […]

Samsung_nc10_g01Samsung’s recent entry into the US market coincided with their release of their first netbook, the NC10.  The NC10 is a 10-inch netbook with a big keyboard and looks to be a nice entry into the market for Samsung.  Laptop Magazine has published a review of the NC10 and it looks like they have a new favorite:

Samsung’sNC10 is the only product that provides comparable—and evenimproved—features for a lower price. Its comfortable, well-positionedkeyboard, speedy and spacious hard drive, and more than 7 hours of endurance make the $499 Samsung NC10 the most well-rounded 10-inch netbook on the market.

Have a look at the review and see if you think the NC10 is the netbook of your dreams.

UPDATE:  Laptop Magazine reran the battery test and got 4:48 with the brightness set to full.  They have updated the review.

  1. although i have been highly looking forward to the Samsung, the only problem with this review is who its coming from. i think i will wait for a more credible review site before i take the plunge.

    keep in mind, this is the same site that says they prefer 10″ screens to 9″ screens because they can fit more (even though the resolutions are the same). they also notoriously get lower battery life numbers than most others, gives me the impression they dont quite know what they are doing or how XP power schemes really work. now they are going to the opposite end of the spectrum claiming the Samsung gets 7.5hrs? unless Samsung has stuck a gigantic battery on there i dont see or has had some incredible breakthrough that seems unlikely. it’s much more likely they once again have improperly ran tests.

    my only problems with the Samsung is its as ugly as sin. but i really only care about functionality.

  2. This site among others made it a point to comment on how it was physically impossible for the NC10 to have around 8 hours of battery life. It’s interesting to see that laptopmag got 7.5 with 50% screen brightness and wifi on. I’d be curious to see what other review sites end up getting.

  3. if this thing gets 7.5hrs then i can fly! even the $3,000 Sony Vaoi’s & Fujitsu Lifebooks of the world dont get that much.

  4. We re-ran the test and got 4:48 with the brightness cranked up…The review has been updated.

  5. Does this also mean that at 50% brightness you at least get 6 hours instead of the 7.5 hours mentioned.

  6. Greetings from LAPTOP. We plan to run the test a second time at 50% brightness to see if we get the same 7 and a half hours of life. I think it’s no surprise that there would be a huge delta between the max brightness and 50% brightness result.

    To confirm the results, we’re going to run the test at 50% brightness again and report back.

    Typically, we run our battery test at 40% brightness, but in XP you can’t usually set an exact percentage, unless there are 10 green bars on the brightness menu and you lower the brightness to number four. Our NC10 has only 8 brightness levels so we went with number four.

    As an aside, we are looking to make our battery test downloadable so anyone can use it to verify our results on any notebook we’ve tested or to conduct new tests of their own. We just need to get certain permissions, because we want to distribute all the elements in one easy-to-install package.

  7. My girlfriend with the 6 cell MSI Wind gets just about 5 hours with the LCD turned all the way down, and bluetooth off. I’d say the NC10 is still performing well by comparison. 50% brightness should be more than enough.

  8. Another question for the LaptopMag reviewers–it is unclear why given the glowing commentary on the review, the NC10 only garnered 4/5 stars?

  9. i like LAPTOP mag, everything from the text reviews, video reviews, video upgrades. but come on, you guys REALLY should have known something was wrong when it ran for 7.5hrs & not gone to “print” yet.

    although i do agree that it will still probably turn out to be the best 10″ netbook yet because of the keyboard alone, even if it gets the typical 5-6hr mark.

    the design is fugly by the way. the way the body tries to be slim but the ports buldge out & the horrible silver strip down the side.

    **on a side note something i really hate. why do ALL of these review sites always use scenario’s like “we used 50% brightness”? dont they know that 1 machines 50% is not the same as anothers 50%? they could still have completely different brightness & power consumption levels. there really needs to be some sort of scientific brightness level measurement tool. then all machines could be at the same brightness level (whether it be 3 bars, 7 bars, etc) & then test battery life.

  10. CrimDah,

    isnt that what nits are (i have no clue)?

    oh ya guys, take your time measuring battery life tests. theres no need to hurry as we all know that you actually live through it the entire amount of time. you cant just guesstimate what the times “would be” based on partial run down tests like other industies can with their products.

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