HP Mini 1000 netbook comes out of hiding, starts at $399


Our recent posts about HP Mini-note price drops at Amazon are starting to illustrate what we thought last month: HP is either making room for a new netbook or they’re adding another choice to their lineup. Vivek caught sight of the new HP Mini 1000 netbook on HP’s shopping page, but there’s limited information at this point. Here’s what we can see andor guess:

  • Starting price of $399
  • Weight begins at 2.25 pounds, which is a little less than the HP Mini-note
  • Under 1-inch in thickness
  • Like the Acer Aspire One, the left and right mouse betters truly are left and right… of the trackpad.
  • The large screen bezel of the 8.9-inch Mini-note is gone; we’re guessing a 10-inch display

There’s no mention of the remaining specs just yet and the two that are likely of interest the most are the CPU and screen resolution. The Mini-note uses an older VIA C7-M, so the question is: will HP go with VIA for the same-socket Nano CPU or will we see yet another Intel Atom system? Also, the Mini-note differentiates itself from all other netbooks with the generous 1280×768 display resolution. That sounds like a perfect res on a larger 10-inch screen and would continue to set HP’s netbook apart from the crowd.

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