Early Reviews of T-Mobile G1 on the GigaOm Network

If we didn’t have enough mobility to keep us busy with Windows Mobile, BlackBerry and iPhone, now there’s the new T-Mobile G1 running on the new Google Android platform.

We at WWD haven’t said much about it because none of our team has had a chance to play with one yet. Our co-workers on the network have gotten their review units and posted initial impressions. We’ll have more on the phone as it applies to productivity and web working, but in the meantime, check out these early hands-on reviews.

The Google Phone Review: What I Love & Hate About T-Mobile G-1

This isn’t an iPhone competitor. If you look at it, you can very quickly see that G-1 is a Honda to iPhone’s BMW. After a few days of usage I have become increasingly convinced that for people who like the Apple iPhone, will find Google-based G-1 aesthetically lacking.

Despite some misgivings, Om says:

Most people who use Windows XP or Vista for their daily computing will find Google Android user interface remarkably familiar and find comfort using this device. In other words, it will sell a lot of units. And yes it is going to become a thorn in Windows Mobile’s side.

Meanwhile, jkOnTheRun has an indepth picture tour.

T-Mobile G1, a hands-on introduction to the first Android phone

…as good as the base functionality is in the phone, it’s the third party applications that will truly set the device apart. Sure, there’s great integration with Google services, but what consumers see after that will help or hurt the success of Android devices.

What do you think, web workers? Should we focus on the device when it’s more widely available? Will you use it for work/productivity?

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