Here’s a rundown of where to watch the last presidential debate online tonight.

Tonight’s the night. The last chance for Democrat Barack Obama and Republican John McCain to go mano-a-mano (or tete-a-tete, as it were) in the final 2008 presidential debate. With just weeks left in an extremely intense campaign, tonight’s showdown promises to be a doozie. Will it get personal? Will they talk about issues? Will it be less boring than the last two?

Here’s a rundown of places you can watch all the debate action online. It starts at 9 p.m. Eastern from Hofstra University in Long Island, NY.

And a commenter told us that if you are living outside of the U.S., you can catch the debate on the BBC’s web site (if anyone else has any tips for international viewing, leave a comment).

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  1. While watching the debate, why not check out a new, fun, interactive widget called CarMatch: Politicians where Americans can choose the one car that best matches each Presidential candidate by his personality traits.

    Click here to check it out:

  2. I live in Sweden, and I’ve been watching the debates on MySpace. Works great.

  3. It’s 5:40 EST, and I just logged on to hulu. Too bad of the 10 featured programs it’s in the third slot. Maybe that will improve closer to 9 PM. Looks like the only interactive element is that you can blog online.

    A greater degree of interactivity has to be added here. For starters how about an contemporaneous online reaction meter that determines who answers the question best…or at least, at the end, who has won the overall debate.

    And that’s just the start. Other ideas?

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