1. Is the browser better than Opera Mobile on WM?

  2. Any ideas yet on what the battery life is like?

    Good review. Thanks!

    1. The Battery on the G1 sucks BIG TIME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Battery life? 3G reception? GPS? I have read very bad things about these last two points.

  4. Well it looks like the kindle finally has some competition for “ugliest tech of the year”.

  5. What about movie player? What formats does it “swallow”? Is it any good?

    What kind of games are available from GG Market? Are these as well developed as those on the iPhone/iTouch?

    Is the contact app working like the one online, adding every which spammer to the list?

    @Bill: may look ugly… as long as it works well :)

  6. Does the Dash charger work on the G1? I have 3 chargers for my dash and it would be nice to be able to use them. Just looking to see if the voltage is the same.

  7. different sources have said different things about the screen. Is it glass or is it hard plastic?

  8. kinda interesting that the im client supports all those networks out of the box. but the big question could be, do that include video and/or audio?

  9. These are some of the features that are easily implemented with the software of the G1 but havent been setup yet. The third one is a hardware feature issue.

    1. Stereo Bluetooth: I love this feature on my other devices mostly for music. I have a bluetooth stereo speakerphone that i love but i cant use it for anything other than calls with the G1 in its current state. i would love to just send it over bluetooth and have it play.

    2. UMA/Hotspots calling: Yes this really should have been a launch feature but I know from other devices like the blackberry curve, the software has to be optimized to not kill the battery since its running over wifi. Blackberry has done a great job with there version so I imagine its only a matter of time before we get it on the G1.

    3. 3.5mm audio jack: This is a HTC thing, they ship the G1 with a very good quality headset but many would like to plug up the device to a auxillary or use different headphones. I believe i have seen adapters for this but the last one i saw for 10 dollars was a motorola branded one and i wouldnt take a chance on anything other than htc.

    4. Corporate email and outlook: these should come in time considering the phone lends itself to users who actually have a need for these services.

    For more see http://www.G1-Forum.com

  10. does anyone no with the g1 can u send music to n from it with bluetooth

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