SIMable: buy once, unlock many phones


I’m going to have to take SIMable’s word on the “unlocks 85% of the world’s phones” bit because I just don’t have the time or travel budget to test every phone in the world. Maybe Verizon’s “can you hear me now?” guy would consider defecting from CDMA to GSM to help me out? After reading SIMable’s latest release and watching the above video demo however, I’m inclined to believe them.SIMable is a $29 package that includes a custom hole-puncher (yikes!) and a small circuit board shaped like a SIM card. The approach calls for you to punch a hole in your existing SIM card, which sounded scary when I first read it. It looks pretty straight-forward though and won’t impact your existing card beyond having a hole in the plastic. The actual guts of your SIM card don’t get touched.The hole is needed to make space for the small chip attached to the SIMable. You take the SIMable and sandwich it between your existing SIM card and your GSM phone. Thats it. Your phone should work normally with all functions, including 3G. While most carriers can unlock your phone, the beauty of SIMable is that it will work on multiple phones, so it’s a reusable solution: pay for it once and use it many times.You’ll want to see if your phone is supported but SIMable claims that their solution works with the iPhone 3G, the new BlackBerry Bold among many other devices. If your device doesn’t work with SIMable, they offer a full refund within seven days.

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