Windows 7 is Windows 7

Number_7_2Let’s take the focus off the big Apple event today and share some news about those other big guys, Microsoft.  On the Microsoft Vista Team Blog Mike Nash has spilled the big beans that the next version of the Windows operating system, code named Windows 7, will officially be called…… drum roll please….  Windows 7.  Now if that isn’t a shrewd marketing ploy.  Call the OS Windows 7 for months and months.  Then officially name it Windows 7.

Is it coincidence that the next version of the Windows Mobile platform is… Windows Mobile 7?  How about the next version of Office?  Let’s call it Office 7.  Then let’s take the next version of Internet Explorer, code named IE8, and call it Internet Explorer 7.  Again.  We’ll rename DirectX10 to, you guessed it, DX7.  What a marketing ploy this could be.  When all the buzz dies down then Microsoft can step in and legally change the company name to, you ready for this?  Microsoft 7.  It can all be laid out in a billion-dollar ad campaign starring the newly legally name-changed Jerry Seven.  You heard it here first, folks.

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