Just What Do We Call Ourselves, Anyhow?

We are (obviously) fond of the term “web worker” to describe the WWD audience. But there are other terms that get thrown around a lot: “digital bedouin” is popular among the cutting-edge set, “telecommuter” seems to be the darling of the mainstream media, while “teleworker” gets heard in government circles. But as the folks over at Plantronics point out in launching their TeleWho? contest:

It’s 1973 — Elvis has popularized the sequin jumpsuit, the country is embroiled in Watergate, and the term “telecommuter” is first coined.

No doubt because it’s not catchy enough for advertising, the Plantronics folks want to replace “telecommuter” with some other term for “today’s always-connected-but-not-always-in-the-office worker.” Actually, they want you to come up with it for them.

The entry form is simple: contact info, your new term, and an explanation. The prizes include $1700 worth of home audio gear and Calisto Pro phones, which we called “the web worker’s dream phone” last year. So winning won’t make you rich, but five minutes of work with the right idea might get you a nice new bit of gear.

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