1. IANAL, but as I understand it if you are in a trademark case and it can be found that you have not vigorously defended your trademark in the past then you can lose your trademark. So legit or not Apple has to make a show of defending it in order to keep it.

  2. People keep kicking off at Apple for doing this, but you have to defend your trademark or you can lose it. With something as simple as Apples logo its even more important because its so easily imitated.

  3. In a related story, Apple is suing Alexander Graham Bell over his use of the word “Phone.”

    There was no comment from Apple’s attorneys when asked about a pending lawsuit against God over the use of “I.”

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    [...] of a bet. To add even more fuel to the fire, recall that only a few scant weeks ago Apple began a legal dispute with a Victoria, B.C.-based school over logo trademark infringement. The school’s main [...]

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