HP 2730p quick first look

OK, it’s only been out of the box for about two hours, one hour of which was running Vista for the first time and updating it.  Here are some very quick first looks at the device, I can’t give any impressions yet other than it’s fast.

CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo L9400 @ 1.86 GHz
Memory:  3 GB
OS:  Vista Business SP1
UPDATE:  HDD:  51 GB?  There are three partitions- 32 GB, 9 GB, 10 GB.  I’m wondering if this is an SSD but haven’t tracked it down yet.  It opens files and folders really quickly.  The part number showing in device manager indicates a Toshiba 120GB drive spinning at 5,400 rpm.  If that’s true then over half the drive capacity is not showing in Vista so I’ll have to research this.
Display:  12.1 ", 1280×800
Digitizer:  Active only
Ports:  ExpressCard, 2 USB, SD, Audio in, Audio out, Firewire
Pointers:  trackstick w/ 2 buttons, trackpad w/ 2 buttons

Here are some quick pics to tide you over for a real review and video:




Yes that is a jog wheel for portrait mode.  :)


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