I’ve mentioned this quite a few times before, but my place of employment is a Mac shop. Being a Mac shop we have dozens of Mighty “Mice” lying around. At first I did not really like the Mighty Mouse, but after using one for a few […]

I’ve mentioned this quite a few times before, but my place of employment is a Mac shop. Being a Mac shop we have dozens of Mighty “Mice” lying around. At first I did not really like the Mighty Mouse, but after using one for a few days, I came to love it. The only flaw I have found so far is that the scroll ball always stops working after a few months because of dirt build up on the sensors.

Luckily, I have found a few methods to revive your Mighty Mouse scroll ball.

  1. Push hard on the ball itself and scroll around
  2. Wipe the scroll ball with a Wet One or an alcohol prep pad while scrolling around (Anything quick drying should do the trick – just don’t get it too wet)
  3. Combine methods 1 and 2

There is nothing more annoying than having a broken scroll ball. Hopefully this trick helps all you frustrated Mighty Mouse users out there!

Have you found any tricks that have worked well for you?

By Jenny Kortina

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  1. You know what’s free, doesn’t involve product placement and does a better job quicker?

    Turn the mighty mouse upside down, scroll it around on a piece of paper for 5-10 seconds pushing hard and you’re done.

    Easy, simple, free.

    1. worked perfectly. thanks!

    2. yes i have to agree… worked well. thanks

    3. wow! Thanks

    4. Thanks! I just spent ages trying everything I could think of to fix my scroll ball, and was about ready to give up and replace the damn thing… This worked perfectly though!

      Saved me from buying a new mouse, and didn’t cost anything but a very faint brown spot on my homework :)

    5. After reviewing numerous ideas on the web, this solution was the one I tired first.
      It worked perfectly the first time! THANK YOU!!!!

    6. Ahhhh…. finally I can scroll again! I used your suggestion of alcohol on a cotton pad and scrolled the mouse upside down on paper. This dislodged the crud that was causing my mousing nightmare. Scrolling around on paper alone wasn’t enough to do the trick for my stubborn mouse. Thanks for the fix!

    7. Mahvelous! The upside-down paper-scrolling revived the scrollball after other methods failed. Grazie!!

    8. Works perfect, Now I can relax my scroll finger.
      It really starts hurting when the stupid ball doesn’t work :(


  2. I’ve heard of folks running thin strips of tape through the sensor area.

  3. My gripe with the mighty mouse isn’t the trackball – it’s the right click button. Unless I press down the actual SIDE of the mouse, it registers a left click. Anywhere on the top of the mouse, no matter how far to the right of the trackball is a left-click. Defect?

  4. @Jamie: Haha, are you implying that Wet Ones paid us to post this? If so, that’s ridiculous. I wasn’t aware that we shouldn’t post tips that require you to purchase something like a common household cleaning product. But what do I know. :)

  5. I combined the method described by Jamie Huskisson with using a microfiber cloth and water.
    The paper stuff to got most of the dirt off of the scroll ball, then the slightly damp cloth did the rest of the job.

    The thing is, I never had to do this with my own Mighty Mouse, even though I bought it right after it was released.
    My scroll ball has always worked perfectly.
    The one I cleaned this way was my little sisters mouse.

    With the MM of a friend of mine it was more difficult.
    I actually had to disassemble the MM completely, to get it properly cleaned.
    It was a bit tricky, but it worked out fine, and you can barely see that it was opened.

  6. @Brett: Mine does that too. It’s a real pain particularly in X11 stuff which doesn’t register the Crtl + left click.

    The scroller stopped going upwards after about 4 weeks with mine – not too impressed about that. Hopefully some vigorous cleaning will do the trick.

  7. compressed air does the trick for me

  8. Other than the tape idea, I’ve tried all of these solutions and my MM still fails or struggles incredibly to scroll down, especially without clicking. Scrolling up never fails and is smooth as ever. Any other ideas would be appreciated. (Perhaps I need to get myself a nylon pry tool and open up.)

  9. i keep a 2″ sable brush by my mouse’s side. when things get sticky, i brush around and under the ball. works better and more consistently than the ‘paper’ trick, and doesn’t introduce any liquids.

  10. @Ben

    Don’t forget a scalpel with a long blade.
    The ring around the underside is chemically glued to the mouse on more than eight points.
    That was kinda tricky.
    I’d suggest u try the sable brush and compressed air way first.


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