T-Mobile G1 upgrade price is $299!

The T-Mobile online store is overwhelmed with obvious heavy G1 Android phone orders but I finally got to the point where I could order an upgrade.  I am an existing T-Mobile customer and as I understood the pricing at the press event today the upgrade price should be $179 for the G1 with a 2-year contract extension.  That’s a decent price so I was flabbergasted to find this when I tried to order one:


This is showing that the unsubsidized price is $399 and only a $100 "online discount" is being applied.  The resultant $299 price is a far cry from the $179 claimed pricing.  When you throw in tax and a $18 "upgrade fee" (what the hell is that?) the $344 total cost is outrageous.  Anybody getting the advertised price?


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