Motorola USBw 100 WiMAX adapter comes in three frequencies

Motorolahnm_wb_wimax_usbw100_w1There aren’t many U.S. markets lit for WiMAX just yet, but if you’re an early-early-adopter you’ll want to call dibs on the Motorola USBw 100. It’s just like the EV-DO and HSDPA USB dongles, only it uses… get this… WiMAX! Here’s the tricky bit if I’m reading things properly: it will be available in three versions, one for each supported frequency: 2.3-, 2.5-, and 3.5-GHz. Say wha’?That’s OK, there’s still time to figure out which frequency you do (or don’t) need since the USBw 100 won’t be available until the fourth quarter. I realize that the quarter starts in a week, but I think this will be more of a stocking stuffer than a Halloween goodie. No deets on price just yet.

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