Porient H12: mobile Internet device available for adoption

Porienth12Anyone want to own their own brand of mobile Internet device? Hit up the folks at Porient and maybe they’ll change the name from H12 to [insert name here]. See, they have this nice little Linux handheld that’s about as big as a 3×5 index card and weighs under 11 ounces. It has a just-my-size 4.8-inch touchscreen display with a highly usable 800×480 resolution. There’s even 2 GB of flash memory, integrated WiFi and GPS. Sound good? There’s just one problem: it doesn’t seem to have an identity… other than H12, that is. That’s where you come in: you can inquire to buy in bulk and some are speculating that maybe you can own the device line outright since Porient doesn’t have the name or backing of Apple, Dell, HP or anyone else right now. Your guess is as good as mine on the price for one unit or the rights to sell ‘em all with your fancy name on them. Makes me wonder how many interesting concept and beta devices are sitting at the pound waiting for a good home.Don’t get too excited about this screen shot of the homeless MID, even though it looks like a Mac screen. That’s Safari for Windows which actually muddies the waters even more as the [insert name here] runs on a 520 MHz XScale CPU. You’ll get by with Windows Mobile on that, but not Windows itself.


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