Receive RSS Feeds Via Email with Feed My Inbox

As Web Workers, it may be hard for us to believe but a good portion of the population either has no idea what an RSS feed is or how to access them, or are just more comfortable with their email. Even our own Aliza Sherman recently shared her RSS fears.

She overcame hers but for those folks who haven’t jumped on the RSS bandwagon, their subscription options can be a bit limited. The problem is that while a lot of sites offer an alternate option to subscribe via email, many do not.

Enter Feed My Inbox – a very cool service that lets you subscribe to any RSS feed and receive it at your preferred email address.

Feed My Inbox really couldn’t be more simple. Enter in the website address of the site you wish to subscribe to, enter in your email address and click submit. You’ll receive an email with a confirmation link you must click and then, well – that’s it.

Feed My Inbox

Feed My Inbox sends out a daily email with all of the posts made since their last mailing. It’s not quite as instantaneous as subscribing via RSS but it’s a good compromise for those who would have no other subscription options.

I mentioned that Feed My Inbox was simple, and for the user it is. Behind the scenes though it is smart enough to deal with any number of feed formats and can even recognize multiple feeds and allow the user to choose which the ones they wish to subscribe to.

I’m not going to ditch my Google Reader any time soon, but I’ve already recommended Feed My Inbox for some clients and family who are running a bit behind the technology curve.

Feed My Inbox is currently free with no apparent restrictions.


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