Carry and use a virtual operating system… on your iPhone

Iphone_sentinelLet me be frank: I’m too timid to run the software I’m about to tell you about. OK, that’s not entirely true, but it requires a Windows XP SP2 machine and I’ve got SP3 on my netbook. Seriously! I’m talking about MokaFive’s iPhone USB Sentinel application. From what I can glean, USB Sentinel allows you to run a virtual PC environment directly from a USB tethered iPhone.

This approach reminds me of the MojoPac solution that literally runs a Windows environment directly from an iPod or other USB device. Similar to MojoPac, you create a "LivePC" with MokaFive which is comprised of an operating system and apps. One difference is that the LivePCs can be created and pushed through a central server, providing control in enterprise environments. Here’s a brief feature list from the MokaFive folks:

Now you can run LivePC™ virtual machines off your iPhone! iPhone Sentinel makes your iPhone appear as a disk drive on your computer, allowing you to install any software you want on it. It also includes the features of USB Sentinel:

    • prevents you from losing data due to an accidental unplug
    • optimizes writing to the drive so your iPhone will last longer
    • and improves performance, especially when operating on smaller files

    At the moment this is just a technical preview and since I have the Mobilize trip coming up tomorrow, I’m not in a position to hose up either my iPhone or my MSI Wind. When I return on Saturday though… that’s a different story. I want to see if this is truly portable virtual environment tool or simply a way to run portable apps and use my iPhone as a hard drive.

    (via NYT)

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