Tomorrow is travel day- going nice and light

PilotI am leaving a powerless house tomorrow and heading out to San Francisco for the Mobilize 08 conference.  I am looking forward to attending this conference and seeing a lot of friends for the first time although I’m feeling a bit odd leaving a house without electricity.  My bride is insisting I go anyway, isn’t she the best?  Or maybe she just wants to get rid of me for a few days.  :)  Working the past several days without electricity has caused me to alter my thinking as to what gear I will take with me for the trip.  I have decided to travel as light as possible and am only taking the HP 2710p, iPhone 3G, wireless mouse and the Monster Outlets-to-go power strip.  That’s it, nice and light with a small backpack.  It’s more in keeping with my true mobile philosophy anyway.  I will be able to get online early in the morning before my flight but likely will be offline a good part of the day.  Don’t worry, Kevin will see to your needs for mobile tech news.

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