Create a virtual drive from a ZIP or ISO file

PismoSince most of my computer purchases these days don’t include an optical drive, I’m always on the lookout virtual drive tools. These software applications simulate the use of a physical DVD or CD drive. For years, I’ve used the free Microsoft Virtual CD-ROM Control Panel on Tablet PCs and UMPCs, but Pismo File Mount offers an additional function: it mounts .ISO files and .ZIP files. Now I’m still trying to think about the last time I had a big, honking .ZIP file on a physical CD… fact is, I can’t ever remember that scenario, but I tend to follow the Boy Scout approach to mobile tech: "Be Prepared".

As sure as I’m sitting here, I know if I don’t install this freeware application I’ll be sure to quickly run into a situation where it would be handy. I’ll have to dig through the stack of optical disks in the home office. There just HAS to be an old game on CD-ROM that I’ve been missing out on because it requires the CD to be in a drive. ;)

(via Download Squad)

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