Are MIDs dying a slow, painful death?

That’s the question I had after reading a UMPC Portal post making a last call for MIDs in 2008. Last call? When was the first call answered? There were plenty of Mobile Internet Devices shown off at the recent Intel Developers Forum, but we’re hearing far more about netbooks than MIDs even though the MID concept was born before the netbook idea.

I like the idea of MIDs, I really do. My iPhone is a MID that I use daily. The Nokia Internet Tablet is a nice MID also. But I’m wondering if the time has passed for the original MID vision due to a few factors:
  • The lines are blurring between feature-phones and smartphones. Consumers are getting some of the MID functions from these devices already and clearly, they’re already carrying their phone just about everywhere.
  • Netbooks have the focus right now and although they’re larger and not pocketable, they are very portable and have the capabilities to access the internet while mobile.
  • There are way too many possible MID interfaces and no emerging standard in terms of software just yet. That’s coming through the Moblin project but the market is passing by.
At this point, with very few devices available and the lack of consumer recognition of the term "MID", average consumers are buying other solutions. Phones are getting more advanced and offering a better Internet experience with with each generation plus they have built-in connectivity. Netbooks aren’t too big or too heavy. Hmmm….  I’m starting to think that MIDs in their original form are going the way of the UMPC. I’m trying to think about this from the mainstream consumer point of view… not as the mobile tech addict that I really am. Thoughts as they relate to you as a mobile tech maven or as an everyday consumer?

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