Three hundred thousand users watch Roger Federer take on Any Murray during the rain-delayed men’s final match.

Roughly 300,000 users watched the U.S. Open’s final men’s tennis match online this past Monday, according to numbers from CBS Sports. The rain-delayed match was live-streamed on both CBSSports.com and the USOpen.org, where each of those 300,000 users watched approximately 49 minutes of video for a total of 243,000 hours of video.

While those aren’t Tiger Woods numbers, they aren’t too shabby given that they didn’t have a similar brand-name star (easy, Federer fans, it’s just the truth). And since the game was on a Monday at 5 p.m. ET, it’s probably 300,000 more than they would have gotten had the network only showed it on TV. And it looks like CBS is just getting warmed up when it comes to sports online.

CBS Sports announced yesterday that it will live stream all of the 17 scheduled home college football games of the Southeastern Conference on CBSSports.com. This is the first time college football fans can watch games online for free. Coverage “kicks off” on Sept. 13 as Georgia takes on USC.

Sports is only beginning to spread its wings online, and it will be big business as more online options open up. The NFL started streaming games last week, ESPN will start live streaming Major League Baseball games, and the NBA is in negotiations to stream local games.

(Image courtesy of the USOpen.org)

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