Google's Chrome Browser: Resources Showing Up

Now that Google’s Chrome browser has been out in the wild for a while, there are some new resources for it appearing out on the web. There are also some good metrics for how the browser is faring. One market research firm has it topping Opera in market share already, although I won’t be surprised to see that fade away as the novelty of a new browser fades.

In this post, I’ll round up some useful resources, news and thoughts on this new open source browser. Love it or hate it, you have to hand it to Google for being able to create a buzz around a new offering.

Chrome is already topping Opera in terms of market share according to NetApplications’ data. Our sister blog JKOnTheRun has also done some analysis of which browsers are being used to access the site, and found that over 10 percent of visitors are using Chrome. Check out their thoughts.

As we covered today on the OStatic blog, there are good collections of tips and customization options appearing around the web for Chrome. Some of these, like Lifehacker’s power user guide are from blogs, but Google’s site is hosting an increasing amount of Chrome-related information too.

You can find the developer page for Chromium here. Chromium is the open source core of Chrome, and will be used to deliver both the upcoming Mac version and Linux version of the browser. It’s clear from Google’s site that developers are already working away on both of these versions, and I bet we’ll see them before the end of the year.

The big question that remains with Chrome is whether we’ll see a thriving set of extensions for it, as Firefox has. The main reason that Chrome is not my primary browser now, while Firefox is, is my extensions for Firefox.

Have you been using Chrome? What do you think of it?

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