The case for integrated 3G in netbooks

Dell_inspiron_mini_9I have been using 3G in my notebooks since it was first available.  Actually, truth be told I was using it long before it was 3G, maybe 1.5G is more accurate.  It is easily the most useful tool in my bag and I was happy to see Dell stating that integrated 3G would be available in the new Mini netbook in just a few days.  Kevin and I have had many conversations discussing the "integrated 3G vs. external 3G solutions" debate and while external solutions have always served us well there is a strong case that can be made for integrated 3G.

Kevin and I are not your typical netbook users, we both change mobile devices like most folks change their socks so an integrated 3G solution is not the best for us.  Kevin is quite happy with his USB solution and I with my ExpressCard 3G solution.  Even so, I have used a number of devices with integrated 3G and I believe it is the way to go for the average consumer who wants unbridled connectivity.  An integrated solution is perfect for the person who buys a netbook and uses that device alone on all those mobile adventures.  Windows can be configured to always look for a high-speed connection and when one is not available to automatically fire up the internal 3G.  This is basically seamless and very useful for getting online without thinking about.  At least you don’t think about it until the monthly statement comes in crying for attention.  I feel that integrated 3G is a good value for those who work in mobile settings frequently and for whom connectivity is important.  Having that connectivity built into a netbook is a very nice proposition and it should be considered for certain.  Having that netbook price subsidized by the carrier offering the 3G sweetens the deal to be very attractive indeed.

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