Telework: Still Looking Up

The wave of adoption of telework as a routine work alternative continues to roll over mainstream businesses. That’s one of the messages of this year’s WorldatWork survey of its members – over 2500 human resources folks. The specific standout number for this particular survey is the proportion of organizations who say they offer their employees telework as an option. In the US, this number went from 30% last year to 42% this year; in Canada, the rise is from 25% to 40%.

Even given the factors that make those relatively soft numbers – the self-selected nature of the survey, the vagueness of what “offering telework” might mean to different people – that’s still a significant jump. From this and other surveys, it seems clear that we’re past the point where web work is something that is only the province of a few trendsetters; soon we may even be the majority. We can only hope that things like reasonable tax treatment come along with that growth.


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