AntStorm: Bookmarking Plus

AntStorm: Join the colony, change the world (tm) - Mozilla Firefox (Build 2008070206)AntStorm is an interesting new entrant in the online bookmarking space. Though their just-launched public beta has some rough edges, they have an interesting vision, combining several niches into a single web application. First, they’re a bookmark manager, designed to make it easy to use your bookmarks on multiple computers. (Right now they’ve got a Firefox toolbar to make management easier, with an IE version promised). Second, they’re a social bookmarking site, where you can selectively make your bookmarks public in groups called “trails”. Third, they’re a scheme to raise money for charities, by kicking back part of their Google AdSense earnings to the charity of your choice.

Beyond that, they have plans to turn this collective intelligence of bookmarking into human-powered search, though those plans are as yet a bit fuzzy. Right now, their drag-and-drop user interface needs some tuning, and there’s not much content on the site yet. But if you’re not already committed to another bookmarking site, they might be worth a look.


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