Sony Ericsson can’t release the Xperia X1 due to Windows Mobile problems

X1_portraitSince the first information came out on the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 the phone has been eagerly awaited.  SE originally said it would be released in the second half of this year although rumors have been circulating that something was delaying the launch.  The Register is reporting from Berlin that a Sony Ericsson representative is saying that the X1 will debut in January of next year and that Windows Mobile 6.1 is the reason it’s not shipping now.

“Windows 6.1 isn’t functioning properly on the Xperia X1,” he admitted.

That’s a significant public statement for a manufacturer so let’s hope that SE gets past whatever problems they are having and gets that puppy in our hands.  Note that other phones are shipping with WM 6.1 so maybe SE should talk to the other guys to get this working.

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