Two Time-Saving Firefox Extensions Get Nods from Mozilla

The other day, we covered the winners in this year’s Extend Firefox contest, which is Mozilla’s annual effort to recognize the best extensions for the Firefox browser. In addition to the new ideas that won, though, Mozilla has also recognized a couple of strong updates to well-known Firefox extensions. Two of them can be very handy for web workers.

Read It Later is a quick way to save web pages of interest to read later, for when you don’t have time to stop, including offline reading. Many Firefox users simply bookmark pages they want to read later, but that can quickly turn your Bookmarks list into a giant mess.

When you access “Your Reading List” with ReadItLater you get a list of the pages you’ve flagged, and you can also see when you flagged them. You can also sync your reading list with other computers. Read It Later initially had some problems with cookies and JavaScript, but the developer has addressed these with a recent update, and Mozilla liked what it saw. I haven’t experienced any problems with Read It Later, and it is definitely a fast way to save a reading list.

Since we just mentioned how easy it is to clutter your Bookmarks menu in Firefox, Bookmark Previews is also worth a try. If you’ve ever used an iPod with Cover Flow enabled, you’ll instantly recognize how Bookmark Previews lets you see an album-like animated view of thumbnail versions of the web pages in your Bookmarks menu. You can also choose to just view thumbnails of the sites.

I happen to have a very long Bookmarks list in Firefox, including macros that I store there with iMacros. How useful you’ll find Bookmark Previews depends on how many bookmarks you tend to have. If you have a lot, it’s a useful way to scan them and get alternative views.

For many more good Firefox extensions, see the Firefox Superguide over on OStatic.


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