Web Work: Not Everyone is There

I was looking at the latest telework survey numbers to cross my desk (this time from the Wainhouse Research WebMetrics program), when it suddenly struck me: even though pretty much everyone I know is on the web, and most of them work there, there are still plenty of working people who are not. That’s the flipside of some of the optimistic statistics we see. For example, this survey found that a record high 67% of their panel of companies used some sort of IM product – but that leaves 33% who do not. Similarly, though 39% have launched a green initiative in response to rising energy prices, and 26% have expanded their telework programs, 32% have made no changes at all.

Who are these people? Or, more to the point, who are their companies? If you’re working for a company that doesn’t let its people use the web, you’re probably not reading this – but perhaps you’re reading at home, on your own time. If so, I’d love to hear some stories about how your company locks down web access, and why they think this is a good thing.


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