As part of my get-well regimen, I spend a lot of time at the local gym. The upside (or the downside) of being on the treadmill or the stair-master is that you spend a lot of time watching lots of basic cable television. Switching channels, I […]

As part of my get-well regimen, I spend a lot of time at the local gym. The upside (or the downside) of being on the treadmill or the stair-master is that you spend a lot of time watching lots of basic cable television. Switching channels, I found myself running across advertisements of Sprint touting Samsung Instinct, the iPhone-competitor, popping up way too frequently.

Sprint must be spending mucho dinero on these ads (they are pretty darn good) and made me want to take a second look at the Instinct, even though Stacey wasn’t too impressed by the phone when she checked it out earlier. I wondered if there were others who were taken in by this new ad-campaign. According to the results of our previous poll, 60 percent of Sprint customers thought it was the best option on that network — a good sign.

So I dropped the folks from Sprint an email, asking them how they were doing with the Instinct, and how many units they had shipped. Sure enough, I was being optimistic about getting a right answer. “Sorry but we do not provide these numbers as they are considered proprietary. I can simply tell you that we are very pleased with the sales and it continues to be incredibly successful,” a spokeswoman emailed me back. I asked Sprint to disclose the monthly data usage on this device but was turned down as well. Oh well…as I was saying, I was being optimistic.

Question: Are you one of those people who owns Samsung Instinct and what has been your experience with the iPhone rival?

  1. This past weekend a very good friend of mine told me he went from a Blackberry to the Instinct. He said he was extremely pleased with his decision. Personally, I use an iPhone but, would like to get to know the Instinct better.
    Is Samsung Windows Mobile based?

    1. Was a Blackberry user and love it, but did find is slightly quirky. Needed a new phone and decided to try the Instinct. WOW!! This phone was so much easier to get set up and use. I am very happy with it. I wish it had more 3rd party software. Both Apple and Blackberry have lots of other applications, but as far as basic functionality, I really like the Instinct. I now realize how ‘old’ the technology is behind RIM products.

  2. When the Instinct launched Sprint had budgeted $100 million in ads & promotion. This is in contrast to about $30 million or so that gets spent by the company on the average smartphone (consumer phones much lesser). So there you have it – three times as much money. I’m sure they think it’s worth it (and I mostly agree).

  3. I have seen as many Instincts in the wild as I have seen Zunes–none, never.

    I saw the Instinct at last CTIA (I got to use and hold it) and was thoroughly unimpressed. If I were at an event and someone pulled out an Instinct instead of a BlackBerry or iPhone, I would be shocked.

  4. Om,
    I owned it for three weeks then returned it back for PALM Treo 800W.
    I am super happy with Treo 800.

    This is the most hyped phone. The phone does have good features, but in its not an iphone killer.
    IMHO two features killed this phone over iPhone.
    Terrible browser.
    Poor screen resolution.

    I wrote a detailed review at

    If they fixed the browser , it would have come close to being called a respectable iPhone competitor. BUT ITS NOT.

    During my time with the phone, the phone crashed several times while browsing internet. I eneded up doing many HARD RESETS. Finally I retruned it. I did see many returned phones laying around in the Sprint store :-). My feeling after dealing with SPRINT and the Instinct is that Sprint sold quite a lot of these before customers started returning them within the 30 day period.


  5. it seems that the general consensus on the web is failure. sprint users who had eagerly awaited a killer upgrade returned their instincts within the month. apple is doing a great job of making their smartphone system a clean and simple wonderland while the winmo flavor of the week smartphone gets lost in the constant carrier/manufacturer cross-siege.

  6. Several friends and I tested the Instinct and are very happy. Two of us moved from the iPhone b/c of the integrated GPS functionality that is super easy to use and the data is so much faster (one of our biggest complaints about the iPhone). Visual VM works great and email has been much better than we expected.

    Also comes w/2 GB micro sd and the price plans are much better than AT&T.

  7. I have to disagree with you comment tiny glu. Sprint employees are still waiting for the chance to even buy the Instinct because the sales have been so good they are trying to keep up with the customers and putting them first. If they were all being returned there would be no need for employees to have to wait to get a device. I have used the Instinct and found it to be really great! I have used the GPS Navigation which is very accurate, the live search feature to find Pizza shops in unfamiliar areas, down loaded music from the Sprint store, web browser, camera, watched T.V. and used it with my corporate email.

  8. I really like using the Instinct with Sprint Family Locator too. When I locate my daughter through this plan the maps and my locator options come up very quickly and look great. Once the page was loaded it was easy to move around from page to page. This is another great way to use the Instinct with one of Sprint’s great add-ons. They even have a free 15-day trial that you can try out before you buy it. Don’t have kids; I have even used it to find one of our lost phones. For the price you just can’t beat the Instinct. Two batteries, usb sleeve charger, wall charger, case with stylus and a headset! The Instinct also has a removable battery unlike the Iphone. PLUS remember that AT&T really socks it to you with their monthly plan prices too. If you would do a comparison between AT&T and Sprint you will find in two years the savings with Sprint is HUGE! Check it out!

  9. In response to the first post, Instinct is not Windows based. While it is a smartphone it is not a PDA, nor is it meant to be. The focus of the Instinct was to highlight the wireless data functionality; web browsing, GPS, online entertainment (music, TV, radio).

    I don’t have an Insinct so I can’t comment on how good a device it is. I do plan on giving it a shot when my renewal comes around.

  10. hmmm,
    Surprised to see many here praising Instinct.
    SAMSUNG got many features right except the browser. I wonder why SPRINT put that horrible OBIGO browser in this device instead of OPERA Mobile.
    While the Instinct is a good phone, it is no way a match for iPhone.
    The simle reason being the BROWSER. BTW, SPRINT is updating the browser component on Instinct.

    Overall if you are a sprint customer, this is your equivalent of iPhone.
    I am more happy with my brand new PALM Treo 800 which is much better than iPhone.

    Sprint is fighting iPhone with the extravagant Instint commercials, but when the dust settles, we all know how many Instincts they sold and how many of them got returned.

    Regarding the comment by “A” , Instincts are found easily at every sprint store. Call a store and check it out.I am not sure the about the demand “A” is talking about.


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