Chatting on American Airlines’ AirCell flight

We write about road warriors Joanna Stern of Laptop Magazine and Andy Abramson of VoIP Watch a lot because they are always pushing the mobile tech envelope.  That tradition continues as they both had a conversation over American Airlines new AirCell WiFi network.  They’ve both covered the experience on their respective sites and it’s interesting to see how happy geeks get when they can get online in the air.  Joanna even passed on the $10 meal she was offered to pay the $12.95 for the WiFi.  Now that’s a true geek.  :)  Check out both Andy’s and Joanna’s posts about the experience:

Laptop Magazine takes to the air
VoIP Watch chats to the air

BTW, congratulations to Laptop Magazine’s new News Editor, Joanna Stern!  Way to go!  Does this mean no more netbook playing for you?

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